This Alberta Dinosaur Museum Is Part Of A Free Binge-Worthy Series Online

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Royal Tyrrell Museum's Free Tour Gets You Behind The Scenes & Close To The Dinos
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Step back in time. If you have seen all the Jurassic Park films in the series, including the latest ones with Chris Pratt, then we have found your next weekend watch. The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta has a free series that gives you a behind the scenes tour of their dinosaurs.

Canada's only museum dedicated exclusively to the science of paleontology might be temporarily closed, but you can still score an exclusive tour. 

This place is a must-see in Alberta and now you can access a virtual tour online. The museum is part of Calgary Tourism's new web series called Museum Mysteries Uncovered that you could binge-watch tonight.

The first episode will let you see a dinosaur unlike you ever have before. Forget about just skeletons; you can see the actual form of a prehistoric creature.

The film will give you an up-close view of the best-preserved armoured dinosaur in the world. They call it the Rosetta Stone, the one-in-a-billion find, the Mona Lisa, and the Holy Grail. They seriously love this dinosaur.

The experience of seeing the fossil is surreal; it looks almost like a dragon. As the narrator in the video says, "it is like seeing a dinosaur sleeping in front of you."

According to the film, Alberta's oldest dinosaur is a one in a billion discovery made at a mining site in Northern Alberta.

What we enjoyed is you get to see things you wouldn't typically experience when visiting the museum.

You'll get to see some of the processes of preparing this famous dinosaur for display, and even learn who it was named after.

Don't worry; we aren't going to spoil all the details. You need to see it for yourself. The entire thing is under five minutes, or about the same time, it takes you to drink a cup of coffee.

The other episodes are just as fascinating, including one on forensic mysteries that is perfect for CSI fans.

If you are looking for more things to keep you busy at home, you could also watch the IMAX movie Dinosaurs Alive! for free.

Since they're still closed to the public, there could be even more watch-from-home dino goodness in the works. For now, you can check out their video in the museum mysteries series and see the other free content they post to their social channels.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: You can see one of the most famous dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

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