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It's Official, Ryan Gosling Is A Better Canadian Celebrity Than Drake

As Drake continues to disappoint his hometown fans, it's obvious who the better Canadian celebrity is.
It's Official, Ryan Gosling Is A Better Canadian Celebrity Than Drake

Two of our Canadian treasures, Ryan Gosling, the unbelievably hunky actor and Drake, the fire rapper. They both adore their home country, but some recent press about each of them has led us to a very important conclusion - Ryan Gosling is a way better Canadian celebrity than Drake.

Drake has totally been bailing on Toronto lately, and his fans are not happy about it. He’s basically the city’s most famous mascot at this point. Instead of representing his hometown like he should, he’s been a huge flop.

In the last month, he’s cancelled not one, not two, but three different appearances. First came the last-minute changes to his three Toronto shows on his “Aubrey & The Three 3 Migos" tour. Then, he actually had the nerve to cancel one of the rescheduled Toronto shows. Last but certainly not least, he bailed on his TIFF appearance this week.

The Monsters and Men executive producer was set to introduce the film at the festival. Which, you know, would have been pretty awesome, seeing as TIFF is one of Toronto's most highly-anticipated events of the year.

@jetsetterjoembedded via  

But, if we're being honest, Drake’s excuses for the flops have been relatively understandable. He said the cancellation of his rescheduled Toronto show with Migos was because he was visiting a sick fan in the hospital. The cancellation of his TIFF appearance was apparently due to scheduling conflicts.

While tickets to the show were honoured for later dates, that didn’t help the hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of dollars fans had already spent on travel and hotel plans.

@Drake I spent $1000 bucks to fly my girlfriend and I to Toronto to see your concert, then you moved it a week, so I paid another $450 to change flights, now you postpone it again same day? Are you joking? That’s $1500 you’ve wasted

August 20, 2018

As expected,Twitter is not here for all of Drake's cancellation nonsense. Some users going savage saying “Drake treats Toronto the way he treats his son,” referencing to his baby mama scandal. Others even threatening to un-fan him *gasp*.

But don’t worry Canada, another one of our country’s most notable celebs has our back.

Ryan Gosling has totally gone above and beyond for Canada when it comes to his fanbase. He proved that just yesterday, unexpectedly gracing a local Toronto coffee shop with his presence.

And this happened... #ryanneedsgrinder worked. The man himself showed up. What a good sport, a well brought up Canadian boy. We truly appreciate Ryan taking the time the time to visit us during #tiff. Take that @idriselba your loss.

September 11, 2018

So this is how the adorable story goes. In anticipation of TIFF and Gosling's attendance for First Man, Toronto's Grinder coffee shop tirelessly tried to grab the star’s attention on social media.

Since late August, they have been posting photos to their Instagram account with the hashtag, #ryanneedsgrinder. Hilarious photos feature a Photoshopped cardboard cutout of Gosling enjoying a cup of Grinder coffee. Staff and customers posed for several photos with the cutout as did Toronto's Mayor, John Tory.

As Grinder found out,the power of social media is strong. Staff were over the moon yesterday when a dashing Gosling showed up at their shop. Being the true Canadian boy that he is, he posed for photos, gave hugs, and even stayed for a cup of coffee.

According to the owner, Joelle Murray, Gosling said that, while he did catch wind of the photos and found them hilarious, it was actually his mother who convinced him to visit the shop. “She has free coffee for life at Grinder whenever she wants,” Murray excitedly told CTV News.

Grinder pulled a similar stunt during last year’s TIFF when they posted photos with a cardboard cutout of Idris Elba with the hashtag, #Idrisneedsgrinder. However, their efforts didn’t pay off. In their post with Gosling, they playfully called out the Molly’s Game actor, “Take that Idris Elba your loss!!!!”.

That’s right, Drake,Gosling’s showing you up hard. He took time out of his busy TIFF week (which he actually attended - boom!) and visited a local business to show love for his fans. Don’t make us break up with you @champagnepapi, Toronto needs you!

Source: CTV News, Exclaim 

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