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Ryan Gosling's Life In Canada Before Fame Was Far From Perfect

He grew up in a strict Mormon family!
Ryan Gosling's Life In Canada Before Fame Was Far From Perfect

When you think about Ryan Gosling what words come to mind? Perfect? Actor? Canadian? No one ever really thinks about what life was like for Gosling before he became famous and yes, while he was always Canadian and to some extent an actor, his life before fame was far from perfect. This is what Ryan Gosling's life in Canada was like. 

He was born in London, Ontario and raised in the nearby town of Cornwall. His father supported his mother, him and his sister by working at a local paper mill. He was raised in a strict Mormon family, leading to him becoming the rebellious child that he was. 

Gosling has said that he hated childhood because he didn't enjoy following rules, or being told what to do. This also caused a lot of problems with school and he was eventually diagnosed with ADHD. Right before he started what would be the beginning of a successful acting career, he was expelled from school after bringing a basket of knives and throwing them at classmates. In all fairness, he was inspired by Sylvester Stalone's '80s movie First Blood. It's bizarre to think that this is the same calm and collected celebrity we see on red carpets. 

Being home-schooled helped him start off his acting career when he auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club in Montreal. He moved to Orlando for a year after landing the role, and then returned back to Canada to move in with his mom and sister after his parents went through a divorce. 

He attended Lester B. Pearson High School in Burlington, Ontario. In high school, he starred in a lot of Canadian television productions like, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Psi Factor, The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, and Goosebumps. He got his first recurring role on Breaker High that aired on YTV Canada, but only lasted a year. 

He was also a huge music enthusiast growing up. He showcased his musical talents many times on The Mickey Mouse Club and taught himself piano. Thank goodness for this, or we might never have gotten La La Land

His life in Canada ended when he dropped out of high school at 17. He moved to LA and tried to transition into "real movies" and out of child-oriented series. He eventually landed roles that led him to his big break, The Notebook, which ironically also starred fellow Canadian Rachel McAdams. 

While it seems like Gosling didn't have the easiest childhood, he made the most out of his passion and according to his now-wife Eva Mendes, his mother and sister are extremeley supportive. It's hard to believe that the Canadian icon everyone loves faced hardships in Canada. If anything, those hardships have only helped motivate him in his career! 

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