Though he's played a superhero in various movies over the years, Ryan Reynolds is just a normal husband and father of three with exceptional on-screen talent. His recent quick on his feet thinking when a stage barrier collapsed at Comic-Con in Brazil definitely shows that he's picked up a few tricks during production. The dramatic life-saving leap is partly because Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's deal is to stay safe when he travels for film promos.

The Deadpool actor was at the convention this past weekend to promote his two new movies, Free Guy and 6 Underground

Free Guy comes out next summer and is sure to be a hit after he totally trolled his castmates in the teaser video and then admitted that it's his favourite movie he's made.

Shortly after the scary experience with the collapsed barricade, Reynolds spoke with Entertainment Tonight about his heroic experience. 

He told them that his wife of seven years gave him the one task to keep himself safe while at the event.

Reynolds said, "my only job that Blake said as I was leaving was, 'Just come home in one piece.' So that was my only job."

Of course, the Canadian star also made sure that none of his fans were hurt in the incident, but the video footage of him quickly leaping back is pretty shocking.

Reynolds also told Entertainment Tonight, "I think it looked worse than it was. All I was worried about were the people that were — what you could tell is that they were falling, like, 'Oh, they're gonna be fine,' and it's like, 'Oh, but that leg is gonna go,' so I jumped out. But it was, yeah, everyone was fine."

Luckily, he was unharmed and obeyed his wife's request to keep himself safe while promoting his new films.

Lively and Reynolds got married in 2012 at Boone Hall Plantation in South Carolina, and have had three daughters since then. 

However, they recently blew up headlines when their wedding photos got shadow banned from Pinterest and other wedding planning websites. The plantation location they held it on is seen as offensive due to its history.

Still, the two are totally couple goals who love to have fun on social media. Hopefully, all of Reynolds' travelling isn't getting in the way of their adorable date nights

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