Ryan Reynolds' Spoof Christmas Commercial Sums Up The Holidays Perfectly (VIDEO)

Ryan and Jimmy Fallon are the funniest duo.
Ryan Reynolds & Jimmy Fallon's Spoof Christmas Commercial

As great as the holiday season can be, there are definitely some overwhelming moments that come along with this time of year, like when your friends won't leave your house, or when you're stuck at an uncomfortable dinner with a rude family member. These things happen more often than you'd think, which is exactly why Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon's spoof Christmas commercial is so relatable.

Reynolds is no stranger to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and most recently, the Canadian actor teamed up with the late-night host to put together a hilarious skit that shows the more annoying parts of getting through the holidays.

In the video, Reynolds plays a guy hosting a few of his friends at his place for a party. The great news is that his pals are having a great time, but the bad news is that the host is ready for his house to clear out.

The 6 Underground star tries many tactics to get his friends out, including commenting on the time, yawning extra loudly, and joking about how he should be going because it's so late, even though he lives there.

Finally, Reynolds realizes that there really is only one solution — he has to make sure his house becomes unbearable for Fallon and co., which is exactly why he lights a "Get the F*ck Out of My House" candle.

According to the commercial, the candle comes in scents like Old Shrimp, Sweaty Crocs, and New Jersey, all of which are sure to get rid of any unwanted company in the blink of an eye.

In the video, you see that the candle serves its purpose perfectly. Upon smelling the stench, Fallon says, "I think I'm gonna go," to which Reynolds replies, "No, stay. You just got here — 7 hours ago."

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"You'd stay in Ryan's house no matter the stank... admit it," one fan of the Deadpool actor commented.

"How to get a whole lot of views: Put Ryan Reynolds and Commercials together," another viewer said.

Both actors also recently played a round of True Confessions with Shawn Mendes' girlfriend, Camila Cabello. You can check out the super funny video below.

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