Ryan Reynolds has three daughters so celebrating Halloween with them was probably number one on his list yesterday. However, Ryan Reynolds and Robert Downey Jr's fantasy football league participation seemed to take over at least part of his time last night... okay a lot of his time. The two Marvel superheroes are up against each other this week and the trash-talking (or trash eating) is in full force. 

Robert Downey Jr. started this round off with a video on Instagram explaining the charity he was playing for and who his competition was this week. Telling viewers that he wasn't one for trash-talking, he still managed to get in some sneers in the video meant for Reynolds. His caption though was all we needed to read to know he meant war, "All the best this weekend brother @vancityreynolds ... #agbosuperheroleague #eatme."

Before making a video of his own, Reynolds commented on the Instagram post saying, "This hurts. After all, we've been through." 

Reynolds decided to clap back on Halloween by taking Downey's "#eatme" very literally. He took the time to either order cookies with Downey's face on them or found a way to make them himself, before stoically sitting in front of the camera literally eating Robert Downey Jr. He captioned the video, "Oh.Snap. @robertdowneyjr #agbosuperheroleague @sickkidsvs."

This isn't the first time things have gotten dirty in this fantasy league before. Just a few weeks ago Reynolds trash-talked Karen Gillan when they were up against one another. 

Fans on Instagram and Twitter thought the whole encounter was hilarious. His entire comments section on Instagram is filled with laugh emojis and fans on Twitter commenting things like, "legend" and "favorite people." 

Someone even said, "This should’ve been the end credit scene of Endgame."

Ryan Reynolds has been known to troll Downey in the past whether it was for his birthday or just because he felt like it. This video just adds to the long list of hilarious pranks he's pulled on the actor.

Robert Downey Jr. has yet to respond to the cookie eating video but knowing him, he's probably already brewing up his next comeback. 

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