Ryan Reynolds Made A Hilarious Sequel To The Peloton Ad That Got Everyone So Angry (VIDEO)

It's totally something he would do.
Ryan Reynolds Made A Hilarious Sequel To The Peloton Ad That Got Everyone So Angry (VIDEO)

Peloton's latest Christmas ad got people talking, and not in a good way. The commercial received a huge amount of negative feedback online, enough that it got one Canadian celebrity's attention. Ryan Reynolds' latest Aviation Gin commercial perfectly skewers the original ad.

Peloton's original ad depicted a woman getting an exercise bike from her husband for Christmas, and using it to start her own fitness blog

The ad immediately drew criticism for a number of reasons, including promoting a sexist message that the husband wants his wife to get in shape. 

Writer Amy Hoy outlined everything that was wrong with the ad in a Twitter thread, writing, "we see her from the outside. We watch her get the present. We watch her get on the bike. We watch the video she filmed. But… who are we? The scriptwriters actually wrote OUR PERSPECTIVE to be the husband's perspective. All her work… is for us."

Ryan Reynolds took the opportunity to make fun of the controversial ad in his own way, even going as far as casting the same woman from the Peloton ad.

In the Canadian actors' ad, the woman is at a bar with her friends having drinks. After staring into the camera for some time, she says "this gin is really smooth."

One of her friends offers to get her another one, before the other friend says "you're safe here."

The three friends then toast after the Peloton actress says "to new beginnings." She then completely downs her drink, prompting her friend to say, "this is going to be a fun night."

The ad concludes with a shot of a bottle of Aviation gin, and one of the friends saying "you look great by the way!"

It's a subtle and funny way to poke fun at the original ad without having to mention it by name. However, Reynolds did tweet the ad with the message, "Exercise bike not included. #AviationGin."

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