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Ryan Reynolds Convinced His Daughters He's Spider-Man & The Way He Did It Is Hilarious

Ryan Reynolds's newest parenting tactic might be his most hilarious one yet. It's no secret that Reynolds' Twitter is the place to visit when you're in need of a good laugh. The Canadian actor is well known for his tweets on parenting and being the most hilarious dad on the planet but his most recent joke will make you cry of tears. He combines parenting with misconceptions about his character Deadpool, to create one of the most iconic tweets of all. Ryan Reynolds convinced his daughters that he's actually Spider-Man. 

Deadpool is definitely not for children, but children have a hard time accepting that, especially because he is kind of considered a superhero. One mother going through this dilemma with her 4-year-old son tweeted Reynolds and asked, "RYAN I HAVE AN IMPORTANT QUESTION I NEED AN ANSWER TO RIGHT TF NOW!!! My son is 4, he loves Marvel, I’m dying to show him Deadpool but I can’t decide if I should or not. Helpasistahout !!!!!!!!" 

His response to the question was everything. He quoted her tweet and wrote, "No. Put on Spider-Man (from 2002) and tell him it’s Deadpool. It’s what I do with my kids. Remember to look him straight in the eye when you lie. Good luck. 🕷" 

So basically Ryan Reynolds daughters think he's Tobey Maguire. People thought the whole thing was hilarious even recommending that he should win a father of the year award! 

Ryan Reynolds shares two daughters with Blake Lively, James, who's 4, and Ines, who's two. The couple is expecting their third child and we can't wait to see what kind of parenting hacks come from that! They truly are couple goals! 

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