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Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool 2 Trailer Is The Funniest Thing You'll See All Day

Do you love a good action film? Are you obsessed with the Marvel universe? If you loved the first Deadpool movie or if you love the superhero genre in general, then get super excited because... the official trailer for Deadpool 2 was just released! 

The brand new trailer for Deadpool 2, "Deadpool, Meet Cable" was released on YouTube this morning! You can officially get excited about this brand new hilarious superhero antihero movie. 

If you were worried that Deadpool 2 might not be as funny or original as the first film was, don't be. After watching the trailer you'll quickly realize that the film is going to have the same crass humour as the original and Ryan Reynolds still breaks down "the fourth wall" by speaking directly to the audience. 

This second film spotlights Josh Brolin's character, Cable. Brolin plays Deadpool's nemesis, a time-travelling mutant soldier. Fans of the film have also picked up on the possible introduction of the X-Force - the "mutant black ops team" from X-Men. 

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The film was shot in Vancouver, Canada! The downtown core of the city was completely shut down for days to allow Ryan Reynolds and his entourage to film the highly anticipated movie. I'm excited to see some Canadian landmarks in the background of this hilarious film!

The film is scheduled to release on May 18th.