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The Rock Says Ryan Reynolds Refused A "Hobbs And Shaw" Role Because He Hated His Car

Ryan Reynolds seems to be popping up in all kinds of movies this year, his most recent being Hobbs and Shaw. If you haven't seen the Fast and the Furious spinoff yet the Rock's hilarious story does have some spoilers so beware! Reynolds did appear right at the beginning of the film for a short cameo but apparently, there was potential for him to have a bigger role in the film. Ryan Reynold's Hobbs and Shaw cameo had the potential for more but he hated the car he would've had to drive. 

Reynolds' cameo, although small, is important. He ends up guiding Luke Hobbs throughout the plot of the movie but, The Rock revealed there was room for more. 

Reynolds first tweeted a picture of a red and white striped Camero with a picture of The Rock's face painted on the middle of the hood. He captioned the photo, "It's true. This is my car." 

The Rock then hilariously quoted Reynolds tweet saying, "True story. I personally designed this car for @VancityReynolds to drive in @HobbsAndShaw, but he refused because he hated the white stripes. I didn’t take it personal, as we’re still drinking buddies."

While we don't exactly know how serious these accusations are, the banter between The Rock and Reynolds is possibly the best thing we've read all week. 

Despite the absence of Reynolds' potential "role" Hobbs and Shaw is continuing to slay the box office. They've grossed $450 million internationally! 

Although it just wasn't Reynolds' time to shine in this movie, fans of the duo can still possibly expect a future appearance from Reynolds in sequels. In a recent interview with director David Leitch, he confirmed that Reynolds cameo and the other cameo's throughout the film were meant to open up future roles for the characters. 

Cheers to seeing Ryan Reynolds and The Rock together on our screens more often! 

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