Canadians unite! Ryan Reynolds has joined forces with Canadian hockey player Hayley Wickenheiser in order to battle COVID-19 in Canada. He’s offering any Toronto person or business who donates medical supplies a ton of things, including some awesome movie memorabilia. Wickenheiser, who according to ET Canada is currently studying to be a doctor, pleaded with her Twitter followers to help her collect items like surgical masks, gloves, and chemo gowns. She assured people that the items were not for her “use at all” and although she doesn’t “have much to offer in return” she’s promising that her social distancing pick-up of the supplies would include “a signed jersey, a smile and guaranteed good Karma.”

Reynolds took the civilian award to an entirely new level. Asking his followers to check out Wickenheiser’s plea, he promised he’d also be issuing something in return to anyone that helps, “People who help Hayley get this critical PPE gear will get something awesome from me. I’ll send you personalized videos. I’ll sign whatever you want. I’ll send Deadpool Bobbleheads and/or movie memorabilia.”

He also offered a little humour to the situation saying he’d even accommodate fans who want memorabilia, “Maybe you’re a sick son of a b*tch and want me to sign some Green Lantern shit. Well, guess what? I’ll sign that too, you sick son of a b*tch.”Reynolds ended his plea by suggesting that those not in the area could “do something for a local hospital” and that we should all “help the helpers” and “get through this.”

This isn’t the only way Reynolds has used his position in Hollywood to battle COVID-19. He, along with wife Blake Lively, donated $1 million to food banks across North America and even more recently donated $4000 to a food bank in Edmonton. Canadians have also stepped up the game when it comes to fighting as one against the pandemic. Check out 11 ways the country has come together to help one another that will make you so proud to be Canadian.