Ryan Reynolds Had The Most Ryan Reynolds Response To "Joker" Earning More Than "Deadpool"

Who's the real joker?
Ryan Reynolds's Joker Congratulations Are Maybe Just A Bit Vulgar

Ryan Reynolds may have appeared in family-friendly films like Detective Pikachu and Turbo, but in his heart, he just wants to throw out some f-bombs. It's what makes his Deadpool movies so much fun, and while they've done well at the box office, they've been surpassed by a new champion: Joker. So how did Ryan Reynolds congratulate Joker on its success? Pretty much how you might imagine.

On October 25, Reynolds tweeted "R-Rated box office congratulatory posts aren’t like the ones you’re used to..." Included in the tweet was an image of the Joker dancing on the (now iconic) stairs, with the words, "You mother f*cker" above.

Included on some of the steps were the names of other characters from high-grossing R-rated movies, showing that Joker had risen above all of them. They included Pennywise from IT, Neo from the Matrix movies, and Mr. Grey from 50 Shades of Grey

It also included Hugh Jackman, likely a reference to his role in the R-rated Logan. Of course, Reynolds would never miss an opportunity to throw his friend's name on a list, rather than using the character.

Joker became the newest R-rated box office champion after raking in $800 million worldwide at the box office. Other R-rated movies it surpassed include The Passion Of The Christ, Ted, and The Hangover.

Oddly enough, actress Zazie Beets appears in both Joker and Deadpool 2, meaning that she has appeared in two of the highest-grossing R-rated films of all time. 

Ryan Reynolds is known for his signature sense of humour both on and off-screen. He recently also wished Hugh Jackman a very vulgar happy birthday, continuing the friendly feud between the two X-Men actors.

Reynolds is also known for his playful relationship with wife, Blake Lively. However, he has also been the butt of a few jokes, such as when Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal got him to wear an ugly sweater to a party that was definitely not ugly-sweater-themed.

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