The jokes continue! Ryan Reynolds' unparalleled sarcasm made another appearance recently where he joked about a "secret family" he houses in Denmark. He's known for his friendly banter with wife Blake Lively, especially regarding their three children together. 

The Deadpool star recently interviewed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where he was asked about his experience social distancing with his large family.

Reynolds shared that he's currently with Lively, their three daughters, and his mother-in-law, or as he calls it, his "Hollywood family".

Describing his life right now as "the best", the actor shared, "It's one of those things where it's a split-second decision. Right? You're thinking like, 'Oh yeah we've all got to quarantine together.' But you're thinking, 'Oh this is gonna be a few days.' So you gotta be careful."

Reynolds continued, "It was a toss-up for a minute there. Should I quarantine with my publicly-facing family or my secret family in Denmark? I miss Luna, Lekhet, and Uhn very much so."

Fallon chimed in saying, "I love Uhn. Give my best to Uhn."

Reynolds responded, "Una is so sweet. Yeah, I went with the Hollywood family. And it's been great. It's a decision I don't regret at all."

When asked by Fallon whether his three daughters appreciate having their father around all the time, Reynolds had the perfect sarcastic reply. 

"Frankly, I think it sets a dangerous precedent, Jimmy. You know, I think when we look back at this thing years from now, they're gonna think about me and how I used to be a present dad and I worry about that. I worry about the, 'Remember when dad was just home all the time and always up in our grill?'"

Reynolds and Lively share daughters James, 5, Inez, 3, and a third baby born last summer whose name they haven't publicly shared.

Describing his three-year-old, the Vancouver born actor joked that his daily experience changes from "having a totally normal conversation" to her "spitting acid in my face".

"I don't know, we're on like, year five of quarantining?" he added. "I'm not sure where we are."

Reynolds ended the interview by taking a moment to send praise to his three brothers who are all "such good people."

He shared that his brother Patrick is an artist and a teacher at Coyote Creek Elementary School in British Columbia teaching third and fourth graders.

His brother Terry is a first responder and member of the RCMP, and Jeff is a jack of all trades.

The actor has also been showing off his generosity recently with donations to the Ottawa Food Bank, Edmonton Food Bank, and he even gifted free pizzas to graduates from his former BC high school.