Ryan Reynolds Made A Hilarious Surprise Appearance On SNL Last Night

Nobody saw that coming!
Ryan Reynolds' "Saturday Night Live" Appearance

When it comes to late-night television, Saturday Night Live is one of the most iconic shows that there is. The show has been on the air for 44 years now and has welcomed tons of the hottest celebrities and musical performers to its stage over the years. Last night's show was no exception when Ryan Reynolds' Saturday Night Live appearance took the audience by complete surprise.

The scheduled guest for last night was not actually Reynolds at all — in fact, the audience was incredibly excited for comedian, actor, and former SNL cast member Will Ferrell to take the stage as host for the fifth time in his life.

Ferrell did indeed host the show, but he only made it about a minute of the way through his monologue before he spotted the familiar face of Reynolds in the audience. "I'm sorry, one second," Ferrell said to the audience.

"Excuse me, but you look a lot like Ryan Reynolds." The camera then turned to the charming Canadian who said, "Yeah, I get that a lot."

Ferrell then asked if it really is him, and Reynolds confirmed. The two exchanged some more banter before Ferrell returned to his monologue, but like many of us would be, he was totally starstruck by seeing Reynolds, and couldn't go on without messing up.

Reynolds eventually gave Ferrell a pep talk, urging him to finish his monologue to which he replied, "No! The monologue is terrible."

In typical, goofy, Ferrell fashion, the host then launched into an unexpected impersonation of another former SNL cast member, Tracy Morgan, who then also surprised the audience by coming out on stage.

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The monologue definitely included plenty of unusual surprises, but really, what better way to welcome Ferrell to the famous SNL Five-Timers Club than with some whacky, out-of-the-box humour?

The next episode of SNL will air on December 7 and will welcome special guest Jennifer Lopez, and musical performer and rap sensation, DaBaby.

If you loved the collaboration between Reynolds and Ferrell, you'll be happy to know that the duo will be taking over the big screen together in the upcoming remake of The Christmas Carol.

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