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Ryan Reynolds Fans Loved His Appearance On "Jeopardy!" Last Night

Some are even begging him to take over when Alex Trebek retires.
Ryan Reynolds' Surprise "Jeopardy!" Appearance

You've seen him in movies and on late-night television, but Ryan Reynolds' surprise Jeopardy! appearance last night was new territory for the actor. It was the show's "Greatest of All Time" event so it only made sense for Reynolds to show up and present some Canadian-themed clues. As they usually do with whatever the actor does, fans absolutely loved his role.

Jeopardy! is no stranger to surprise celebrity appearances, but because last night's episode had a very intense and competitive nature to it, fans weren't expecting to see any familiar faces on their screen.

Competitors on the show included Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter, and James Holzhauer, all of whom are considered to be some of the series' best players of all time due to their extensive trivia knowledge.

Dedicated fans of Jeopardy! didn't want to miss a chance to see their favourites compete against one another, but Reynolds showing up added an extra bit of wow factor to the episode. In fact, some viewers even suggested that the 6 Underground star would be a great replacement when the current host, Alex Trebek, retires.

Trebek has been battling stage four pancreatic cancer for quite some time now, but he's been clear that he wants to continue his hosting duties for as long as possible, although he admitted it is becoming more difficult.

"@VancityReynolds Can you please throw your hat in the ring as the next host of @Jeopardy? Selling points: - Keep the job with the Canadians - Proven mass-market appeal (both parties) - Reliable schedule that should allow time for more Deadpool - Making others rich is rewarding," one person tweeted.

To be fair, some valid points have been made. Just like Trebek, Reynolds is Canadian, which makes passing the hosting torch down to him even more appealing. He also has an incredible fan base that likely wouldn't complain about hearing more of his witty banter on Jeopardy!

Apart from surprising his fans in the best way possible, Reynolds has been busy promoting his upcoming movie Free Guy and getting to work on Deadpool 3.

If you want more of the Canadian heartthrob in your life, be sure to check out one of his many movies on Netflix.

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