Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Trash Talks Chris Evans And Other Actors In New Instagram Video

He just can't help himself.
Ryan Reynolds Trash Talks Karen Gillan For Fantasy Football Charity League In Funny New Video

Ryan Reynolds' latest charity campaign comes in the form of a fantasy football league called the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League. The league was created by one of the Producers of The Avengers: Endgame. If he wins, Reynolds will donate his winnings to the Sick Kids Hospital in Canada. Ryan Reynolds and Karen Gillan are facing off this week and his trash-talk video is hilarious.

On Wednesday, the Deadpool star got trolled on Twitter by Chris Pratt when the new rankings for the league were released. Pratt held the top spot for the week while Reynold's stayed back in third and Chris Hemsworth stood strong in the middle.

Pratt made sure that the entire Twitterverse knew that he was currently in first, joking that he would sue AGBO for not announcing it properly. Reynolds responded to Pratts' arrogance with, "On a scale from 1 to smoking my children’s pyjamas, how desperate are you to win this thing?"

It looks like Reynolds didn't expect there to be any trash-talking within this pool of superheroes. Apparently, Ryan Reynolds thinks he's to Canadian to get in on all the bad-mouthing that's been happening. 

The Canadian actor didn't have any problems getting a little competitive on Twitter yesterday. Though, he did explain in an Instagram video that he's "supposed to create a trash-talking video in order to be in this league." He continued to say that he thinks he's going to have difficulty with the trash-talking thing saying, "I'm Canadian and I try to maintain a level of politeness."

He then goes on to announce that his competitor this week is Karen Gillan, making it even harder for him to carry on with the video because "she's like, nice." He even wished that his competitor was someone like Chris Evans because he'd have no problem trash-talking him. 

Disclaimer: This video contains some explicit language. 

The moment we've all been waiting for comes, and he announces that he's about to start his good, Canadian-spirited, "nice trash talk." When Reynolds opens his mouth all that comes out are bleeps. He lets the world know that Canadians can, in fact, talk trash, and Karen Gillan is no exception. 

It looks like Reynolds is doing anything he can to win this Fantasy Football League for Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. we have no doubt he can do it, he is the king of social media trolling after all. Just take a look at his Instagram roast with wife Blake Lively the other day! 

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