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Ryan Reynolds Response To Fans Begging Him To Save Spider-Man Will Break Your Heart

Ryan Reynolds has been known to be hilarious on literally all social media platforms, but today things are a little different. While he did post a meme-worthy photo of Hugh Jackman and a fan earlier today, his response to another fan is absolutely heartbreaking. With the news of Spider-Man leaving the Marvel Universe, fans of the superhero franchise are hurting and turning to anyone for help. Fans are begging Ryan Reynolds to help keep Spider-Man in the MCU. 

This comes after Marvel and Sony failed to come to an agreement to keep Spider-man in the universe. Fans turned to their other fav Marvel character, Deadpool for some help.

One fan hoping to get some type of content from Spider-Man asked Reynolds if this disagreement could possibly still mean a movie between Spider-Man and Deadpool. Reynolds responded to the tweet and said, "You can. But you can only see it in my heart."

If that isn't heartbreaking I don't know what is. Despite Reynolds not being able to really affect Sony's decision, other fans continued to beg under the Canadian actor's response:

There still is hope for a potential agreement between the two studios but as of right now the fate of Spider-Man and the rest of the Marvel Universe hangs in the balance.

At least fans can be comforted with the fact that Ryan Reynolds loves Spider-Man as much as we do. 

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