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Safest Countries In The World For 2020 Include Canada

When you think about travel you usually think about going to other countries but you don't usually think about the people travelling here. While you might not think about it very much, it turns out that Canada is one of the best. The safest countries in the world for 2020 include Canada.

The travel security services company International SOS released its annual Travel Risk Map and Canada is one of the nations with the lowest travel risks.

An International SOS spokesperson told CNN that the map is designed around its clients though it does offer valuable information for travellers.

"Obviously it is overall reflective of location risks, but we do advise that consumers do as much research on their destinations as possible," the spokesperson said.

The map looks at travel security, medical, and road safety risks.

With Canada, there is a low travel security risk, which means that violent crime rates are low, civil unrest is uncommon, and security and emergency services are effective.   

Another factor is that infrastructure in the Great White North is sound, transport disruption is infrequent, and acts of terrorism are rare.

So when people travel here or when Canadians travel to different provinces or territories, there is only a small risk to security. 

When it comes to medical risks, our home and native land also landed in the "low" category. 

That is actually the lowest rating a country could have.

This means that quality medical care is available throughout the nation, and things like prescription drugs and emergency services are widely available. Also, it's not common to come across infectious diseases.

Canada also has good road safety, with less than 10 deaths on the road for every 100,000 people in the country.

Most of the other places that are the safest to travel to in 2020 are also concentrated in the northern hemisphere.

For 2019, Canada was one of the top 10 destinations to visit as part of the World Economic Fund's Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index. 

So not only is it a great place to travel to, but it's also pretty safe.

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