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A good mystery surrounding a spooky site is always intriguing, but this eerie shrine is almost too terrifying to contemplate. Lilly E. Gray's grave in Utah has a chilling cryptic message engraved under her name, and people are puzzled as to why it came to be there. If you visit this mysterious headstone, you might be too scared to ponder it for long.

Old gravesites and cemeteries hold the secrets of many souls, but this one remains locked away in time.

Lilly E. Gray's grave sits in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What sets hers apart is the chilling inscription written beneath her name and dates.

The message reads "Victim of the beast 666," and has left visitors confused for decades.

If you go to catch a glimpse of the odd shrine, you will find gifts and souvenirs left by other curious guests paying their respects, but the story behind her engraving is shrouded in mystery.

According to some historical facts, her husband, Elmer, had been known to have run-ins with the law.

However, despite the fact he was a known criminal throughout most of his life, all records from the state show she died of natural causes in 1958.

Because of this, no one is sure why her grave reads such a terrifying inscription, nor who was responsible.

The site itself is a state mystery and you can explore it for yourself if you visit the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

The coordinates for her resting place are X-1-169-4-E, and maps can be obtained at the front office.

Archives from the city show that Elmer made a few strange proclamations regarding her death, which led some to believe that something sinister had happened.

He stated in an official document that both of his parents had "died of grief when kidnapers murdered my [illegible] wife."

He also claimed democrats had kidnapped him. Despite the mystery around what happened, one thing is sure.

This spooky spot is filled with curious and murky details that have turned it into a town legend.

It may not be an abandoned building, but this local haunt brings plenty of onlookers wanting to catch a glimpse of the strange headstone.

It has become a popular stop for residents and visitors alike, creating a strange local allure around its presence.

Lilly E. Gray's Grave

Address: 200 N. St., Salt Lake City, UT

Why You Need To Go: This eerie gravesite has a haunting engraving sure to frighten (or at least puzzle) anyone who stops to read it.


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