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NASCAR Wife Samantha Busch Shares How You Can Create Your Own Successful Lifestyle

And she gave us inside details on her success.

Many celebrities are hard to approach but Samantha Busch is down to Earth, sweet, and her story is very relatable to many women. This southern celebrity is best known as the wife of NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and she is a boss babe who told Narcity how to juggle life and offered tips on starting your own business. 

She is the owner of Murph Boutique, an online retailer with a trendy and chic style that features a variety of modern pieces, boho elements, and a little bit of everything for the consumer with an international taste. "It's really cool and crazy to see that people shop at my store," she told Narcity.

Samantha confesses that she likes to dress up for a NASCAR race, even when she goes to the supermarket. After all, this is a great strategy to promote one's brand.

In addition, Murph Boutique is accessible to many consumers selling at different prices ranging from $32-$92. But what makes her business successful? "Content, content, content. You have to post every day and do it strategically."

Busch has a complete content calendar for the month where she focuses on one thing and stays consistent with her plan. She recommends to not put a filter on everything and show your real life to your audience.

Besides owning a fashion business, Busch will be making an appearance in the new TV series called Racing Wives. This show will follow the daily lives of Samantha Busch, Ashley Busch, Whitney Ward Dillon and other racing wives in Lake Norman, N.C.

Have you ever wondered what is life away from the tracks? Samantha Busch will show you that there is more to being the wife of a race car driver. She is an independent woman with her own lifestyle and career goals. She explains that Racing Wives "shows a lot of us as family, what we do, and business life." 

Between vacations, indulgences, and a fashion brand, Busch confesses it is important to keep it real in social media. As a mother, wife and businesswoman Busch confesses "sometimes you can't do it all."

During the filming of Racing Wives, Busch reached a breaking point, realizing that cutting back on assignments is important to enjoy life. "You are not giving your all to everything if you spread yourself that thin."  

Samantha Busch understands that in order to get to victory lane, you need to slow down, keep it consistent, and be true to yourself.