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Samsung Canada Just Launched A Flip Phone And It’s Nothing Like Your 2004 Model

You can finally get the perfect selfie — hands free!

While phones may have advanced, one crucial and (let’s face it) pretty important element has been left out but never forgotten. It may be a simple motion, like clicking a pen, but the satisfaction of flipping a phone open and closed has never been replaced.

Remember when phone companies were always racing to bring you the next smallest and most compact cell phone? The days when you could actually fit your phone in your front jean pockets? Then came the era of smartphones, and life as we know it was never the same. Well, I’m happy to say that Samsung has given us the best of both worlds with the new Galaxy Z Flip.

First, let’s be real: this design is pretty dope. With its ultra-thin foldable glass giving it a sleek, premium look and feel, this first-of-its-kind Samsung Galaxy phone is sure to turn heads when you take a call in public. Available in both Mirror Purple and Mirror Black, the Galaxy Z Flip is the definition of fashion meeting technology. Its compact, stylish design consists of a full screen that fits in your pocket, hand, and lifestyle in a way that makes you glad to know you've finally found a device that fits you in every way. When folded, it’s the size of a wallet or a small makeup palette. When opened, its screen size nearly doubles to reveal a stunning 6.7-inch display, giving you the best of both worlds.

As if that wasn’t enough, this device lets you express yourself in a way that you didn’t even know you needed. Imagine this: its jaw-dropping camera literally poses for you. In Flex Mode, you can take selfies that will amaze pretty much anyone, by simply locking the phone upright and setting up a timer — it’s really that easy, and no need for a tripod! Plus, it’s not only for selfies; you can also use this feature to take hands-free photos and videos of unexpected perspectives, using the front or rear camera, by adjusting the Galaxy Z Flip to capture angles that will show even more of the world around you. This phone will bring your Instagram (or TikTok or YouTube) game to the next level and make all your friends jealous.

Want to step up your inner photographer game further? Take on those neon lights and put Night Mode to the test. With this, no longer will your creativity be stifled by the sunset because the Galaxy Z Flip has the ability to get vivid low-light shots... and it doesn’t even need that pesky flash which somehow always hurts your eyes (and kills the vibe). Cottage weekend with your besties and the sunset is unreal? Pop your Galaxy Z Flip open and set it to Night Hyperlapse to capture twilight like never before – hands free. 

But this phone isn’t just a neat camera. Nowadays, the struggle is real, and to keep up we need to do multiple things on our devices at once — it’s nearly impossible with just one screen. With the Galaxy Z Flip, that nifty foldable display means it can operate as two screens at once. You can seamlessly multitask with Multi-Active Window to perform two different tasks on the top and bottom screen. Answer your emails while watching YouTube, we won’t tell.

And even when the Galaxy Z Flip is closed, you never lose a moment thanks to the smooth transition from notification to app: just tap the cover display and unfold the phone to open the app and pick up where you need to. It seriously couldn’t be easier.

So, we repeat: get your nostalgia fix without sacrificing function or style with the Galaxy Z Flip. It’s a perfect combination of incredible design and intuitive features, all in a package that actually fits in your pocket. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Original Price: $1,819.99

Why You Need It: Experience the satisfaction of using a flip phone with all the features you need in a modern smartphone.

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