In almost any given situation adding dogs into the mix makes things 10x better. Oktoberfest is no exception and this year Diamon Dachshund Rescue of Texas have truly outdone themselves. Retama Park Race Track's Dachtoberfest 2019 will be taking place this October and they'll be kicking it off with nothing other than a doggie costume contest! Could things get any cuter?

On Saturday, October 26th from 10 AM to 5 PM, you can join dachshunds and all dog breeds alike for the most adorable fest of the year. Dachshunds will be competing in a costume contest at 11 AM and then going straight to the races at 12:30 PM afterward. There's plenty of opportunities for your pup to win! Registration for the costume contest will be at the event, and you can find registration for the races here. May the best weenie win! But that's not all that's in store...

Once the pup races are over, a full-on carnival will be in swing in the parking lot! Tons of rides and shopping will be available to enjoy after a long day of watching dogs be their cute selves. If you're hungry, food trucks and yummy beer will be available for everyone to keep with the Oktoberfest theme. There'll be a variety of food trucks to choose from, and who knows, maybe your pups will get a treat or two.

All of this fun and at no cost to you to get in! Entrance is free, you just have to pay for whatever you want inside. Your wallet, heart, and soul will thank you for this. Whether you have a dachshund or not, all dog breeds are more than welcome, just so long as they're friendly! Get ready for endless tail wags.

Dachtoberfest 2019

Price: Free!

Cuisine: Tons of food trucks and beer!

Address: 1 Retama Pkwy, Selma, TX 78154

Why you need to go: Prepare for the cutest day of your lives! The only thing better than seeing weiner dogs race is seeing them in costume. And this fest has both!