The rumors are true - the cutest small towns in the world are in Texas. They make for perfect day trips with your friends and chances are that you'll leave having done things you've never done before and seen things you've never seen before! The small town of Alpine, Texas is home to awesome hidden gems that will have you packing your bags before you finish reading what all of them are.

Alpine is located in West Texas, not far from El Paso, Texas. Though the town may not be as popular as many big cities, it's certainly worth your while to visit. Alpine is filled with majestic views, cute animals, oh, and the smallest Target in the world. Clear up your entire weekend because you'll need a whole day to explore it all.

You may not have heard of the town, but you've definitely heard of Big Bend National Park. Alpine is pretty close to it, and even has a museum dedicated to all things Big Bend! Now that's where you find the good souveniers. Not to mention all of the amazing shops throughout Alpine. The town is also home to the Cowboys, a pro baseball team you can catch winning games left and right. Fourth of July plans, anyone? 

Target finatics, hopefully you're sitting down because you're about to swoon! Alpine has the smallest Target in the world. Though it's not operational, it's still one of the cutest things ever. A picture with it is a must - who knew such an adorable building could exist?! While you're driving around and exploring, don't forget to take in all of the majestic views this western oasis was to offer.  

Alpine, Texas

Price: 💸

Address: Alpine, Texas 79832

Why you need to go: This small town is filled with fun things to do you can't find anywhere else! If you're a Target or baseball fanatic (you have to be one of the two), you're in for a treat.