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This San Antonio Restaurant Serves The Biggest Burgers In Texas

Big Lou's has the wildest 12-pound burgers!

San Antonio is notorious for having the largest foods in Texas and this is just one of many. Big Lou's Burger and BBQ has massive 12-pound burgers making them the largest in Texas. You will need to gather up all your friends and family to take on this monstrosity of a burger!

The massive burger features a 6.5-pound Angus beef patty. The $90 burger has everything you'd expect from a deluxe burger and much more. Along with your usual lettuce and tomatoes, you can also add bacon, grilled jalapenos, and mushrooms. The meal also includes the classic burger sides like french fries, tater tots, and onion rings.

The burgers are made to order so you might be waiting there for some time while your gigantic gourmet burger is being cooked to perfection. When presented at the table, the burger is cut into slices so you won't have to worry about a 12-pound arm work out while eating.

While you wait for one of these massive burgers you can try one of their massive drinks. The drinks are their own versions of cocktails that are made specifically for sharing. If all of these massive things just aren't your style but you still want a burger, the joint does have regular sized, but still just as delicious, burgers, wings, and sandwiches. 

If the name Big Lou's sounds familiar its because the American food chain also has a famous pizza joint that serves massive 62-inch pizzas, which are also the largest of their kind in Texas.

Big Lou's Burgers and BBQ is open from Wednesday to Sunday and is located at 2014 S. W. W. White in San Antonio, Texas. For more information and their fun menu, you can visit their website here. Good luck finishing the whole burger!