Yes, there are endless festivals, restaurants, hikes, and swimming holes in Texas. But if you're looking for a great adventure this summer, don't forget to look down under and explore literally hidden gems like the Cascade Caverns in Boerne, Texas near San Antonio.

Located in the city of Boerne, about 40 minutes northwest of SA, Cascade Caverns is among other natural beauties like the Cave-Without-A-Name.

However, the Cascade Caverns is the only underground gem featuring an underground waterfall. While it once held 6 waterfalls inside, it now has just one remaining.

You can tour this cave year-round, but the best time to visit is between June and August. But don't worry, the cave remains a cool 65 degrees even in the summer!

There are 3 available tours that take you down to 132 feet underground—a 45-60 minute "Downunder" tour, a 2-hour "Adventure" tour, and a 60+ minute "Flashlight" tour.

The basic Downunder tour is just $20 for adults and takes you through the spectacular corridors and rock formations of the cave.

You can take the Flashlight tour in the evenings, with only flashlights and candles to light the way. You'll even be able to see and learn about some pretty cool blind salamanders.

You'll probably also meet some bats, crickets, and beetles while you're down there.

The Adventure tour takes place exclusively in the summertime. You'll gear up for the whole experience with helmets, gloves, and flashlights to explore the lower cave system.

For $100, this appropriately-named tour will take you through winding rock formations, down deeper into the cave, and even through some flowing water.

So be sure to prepare your Indiana Jones one-liners and captions now, you're gonna want them.

And don't let the adventure stop there, while you're in Boerne, take a horseback ride through the stunning Texas hill country above.

Cascade Caverns

Price: $20-100

Address: 226 Cascade Caverns Rd, Boerne, TX

Why you need to go: To explore down under Texas in one of the oldest caves in the state.