David Dobrik is one of the funniest YouTube personalities out there. When a new four-minute and 20-second video is posted, we know we're gonna get some good laughs in. Since his fame first began on Vine, and then YouTube, he's since become a voice actor, reality show host, and awards show host. There's no arguing he's a jack of all trades. Now, Youtube star David Dobrik was spotted in Texas after giving a speech for their University Lectureship Series in Kingsville and Texans everywhere are losing their minds. Oh, and he's decided that Whataburger is better than In-N-Out.

Before visiting Texas A&M Kingsville, the YouTube star and some of his "Vlog Squad" made a stop at Texas's most well-known fast-food joint. His Instagram story shows him as well as the Vlog Squad trying a patty melt for possibly the first time. They all agreed it was delicious and we're right there with them. If the fans aren't enough to get Dobrik to come back again, then maybe the sandwich will be. 

After stopping at Whataburger for some grub, employees of the fast-food restaurant are tweeting that he settled the ultimate debate. Whataburger is in fact, better than In-N-Out. We can't make this stuff up!

People are erupting with pride in the mentions of the tweet in total agreement with Dobrik. Living in LA, he only gets In-N-Out and we can all agree that's a tragedy.

The YouTube personality shared some inspiring words at Texas A&M University-Kingsville on Thursday, Aug. 29 to only the university's current students, though they were allowed to each bring one outside guest. The 7 p.m. slot for the University Lectureship Series when Dobrik would be speaking had way too many people wanting to come, so the university had to crackdown.

Lucky for the guests who were able to make it!

Hopefully, David and his Vlog Squad make another trip to the Lone Star State soon. He's got quite the fanbase here and surely plenty of material to make a great new vlog. Until then, we'll be waiting for the next four-minute-and-20-second video.