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Giant Food In San Antonio Includes A Yummy & Massive Filipino Dessert

Texans have been blessed with all sorts of delicious food options to try out, but from all of the choices, some have a soft spot for Filipino food. If you are also part of the club and are continually hunting for giant food in San Antonio, there's a colossal version of the classic Filipino dessert called Halo-Halo you have to include in your foodie bucket list.

This ginormous treat is served at Sari-Sari Filipino Restaurant, Market & Bakery in San Antonio, and "no one has ever finished it." said Camille De Los Reyes, the restaurant owner, to Narcity. 

The classic dish is a beloved tradition the world has to thank the Philippines for, and this Texas's size one cost $40. 

"It is the size of about 6 to 7 individual halo-halos in one, but the difference is that this one comes with leche flan portions," said De Los Reyes. 

While finishing this halo-halo is not a formal challenge in the restaurant, many families or friends try to tackle it that way. However, no one has tried to chow down the massive dessert by themselves.

This frozen deliciousness comes in a giant cup bigger than your head and has 20 different ingredients. 

Do you think you have what it takes to scarf it down?

The massive halo-halo consists of shaved ice, condensed and evaporated milk, a variety of colored fruits and jellies including coconut jelly and sugar palm fruit, and sweet beans such as white beans, red mung beans, and sweet chickpeas. 

In the large cup, you will also find jackfruit, shredded coconut strings, ube jam, the typical purple ube ice cream, flan, toasted rice flakes, and ube rice crispy treats. There are also flavored wafer sticks sticking out of the cup. 

"I came with up with the idea simply because everything is bigger in Texas, and since halo-halo is the most recognizable dessert in the Philippines, we wanted to highlight all of its delicious goodness," comment the owner.

This 140 ounces of deliciousness fits perfectly in a diverse city like San Antonio.

Its name, halo-halo, means "mix-mix" and that is precisely what Filipino food is, a vibrant and tasty mixture of tropical, Asian and Spanish influences. 

"We're just working on breaking the barrier, on allowing Filipino food to cross over into mainstream culture and be recognizable as a delicious staple cuisine in anyone and everyone's diet," finishes De Los Reyes. 

Sari-Sari Filipino Restaurant, Market & Bakery

Price: $40

Cuisine: Filipino

Address: 5700 Wurzbach Rd., San Antonio, TX

Why You Need To Go: A massive and delicious halo-halo is waiting for you at this Filipino restaurant. Can you try and eat the whole thing?

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