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You Can Feed Exotic Animals At This Beautiful Safari Near San Antonio

You'll feel like you're in a real safari!
You Can Feed Exotic Animals At This Beautiful Safari Near San Antonio

Going to the zoo can get repetitive after a while, especially when you're walking around in the Texas heat the whole time. Little do many Texans know, there's a place you can see all the cute animals without ever leaving the A/C! Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is a drive thru zoo near San Antonio that allows you to feed animals directly from your car. You get comfort, the animals get food, everyone wins!

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is right next door to Natural Bridge Caverns, a stunning tourist attraction with not one, but two caverns to explore. There's plenty of signs pointing you in the right direction depending on where you want to go, but clearly getting lost wouldn't be such a bad thing. Once you've made it up to the payment window for the ranch, you'll pay for each person in your car and get as many bags of feed you want, in addition to your first free one. Get your windows ready, because up or down, the animals are coming to you!

Admission is $24.50 per adult, but if you go on a weekday it's even cheaper! Children and seniors' admission prices range from $13.50 to $22 depending on if you fit the age range. There's also the option to get an anuual pass, and if you're planing on visiting more than three times in a year (which you probably will), it's worth it! They're open everyday of the week starting at 9 am, so there's no excuse of missing out. 

While driving, you'll run into animals such as ostriches, zebras, deer, longhorns, and more. Some are more friendly than others, but they'll all try and take food straight from your hand at some point. Afterwards, you can stop by the petting zoo and pet the cutest little goats along with other animals, or go visit the giraffes! That's a favorite for almost everyone. After a long day of seeing and playing with animals, there's plenty of food and drinks on the property to relax and finish your day off with.

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Price: 💸 

Address: 26515 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd, San Antonio, TX 78266

Why you need to go: You can get up close and personal with animals from the comfort of your cars. Feeding an eager zebra will make your entire day, and the petting zoo is tons of fun no matter how old you are!


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