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A New Boozy Bookstore Is Opening Near San Antonio This Spring

Our two favorite "B" words.
A New Bookstore In San Antonio Is Opening This Spring

Nowadays people would rather read something on their phones or tablets than go to a bookstore for a hard copy of their favorite novels. Luckily, there are people like Jenny Lawson who believe that physical copies of books are still just as magical as they were years ago. This spring, a new bookstore and bar in San Antonio is opening and is bringing with it wine, beer, books, and much more.

Nowhere Bookshop is opening this spring in the heart of San Antonio thanks to bestselling author, Jenny Lawson. She's written Furiously Happy, Let's Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir), and more.

Now, her next mission is to get people reading the "old-fashioned" way in a bookshop, unlike anything San Antonio has ever seen.

After browsing for a new read, you can sit back and relax with your book and a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or a can of beer. 

It's basically like a party, but, in the place that you'd least expect it to be. And that's the magic of it!

The shop will have new books, author events, and unique gifts as well. There have been a few things featured on their Instagram so far, and we're already excited to see more of what's to come!

The bookstore is set to open sometime this spring, which is right around the corner!

Spring 2020 officially begins on Friday, March 20, to give you a better idea of when the store might be opening.

Nowhere Bookshop is looking for booksellers and bartenders/baristas now, so, if you're interested we recommend visiting their website for more info.

We can hardly wait to get our read on at San Antonio's newest book lover hot spot.

Nowhere Bookshop

Price: đź’¸

Cuisine: American

Address: San Antonio, TX

Why You Need To Go: The bookshop will have books and booze, the perfect combination!

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