It's hard to ever get enough of your favorite sweets. If only there was a way to open a tab to satisfy your killer sweet tooth and enjoy the best, customized treats ever... oh wait, now there is! Cereal Killer Sweets has thought up and served the best desserts in town since their opening in San Antonio not long ago, and now, they've done it again! They're bringing to San Antonio a brand new cereal bar and boy, are people ready to try everything served there.

Their cereal bar will feature your favorite cereals, coffees, teas, juices, and more. At the bar, you'll be able to customize your own cereal bowl to meet your taste, or choose from a premade list off of their menu! Some menu items are The Campfire, Strawberry Shortcake, Horchata and Coffee Lovers. I'm sure it's easy to imagine what each of those consists of, and we won't have to leave it up to our imagination for much longer. The cereal bar is supposed to be opening in August and the new location will be revealed soon!

Their base bowls will start at $2, and go up from there depending on how many toppings you want. It'll be hard to resist not getting every single one. 

Also, don't forget to try one of their homemade giant Rice Krispie treats that are too delicious to resist! They have so many gourmet flavors, you won't want to stop eating!

*According to a statement by the owners, Cereal Killer Sweets is currently only doing pop up shops until their official next location will be announced. You can stay updated on their events and opening date on their FB page.

Cereal Killer Sweets also hopes to implement activities such as yoga, open mic, and Saturday morning cartoons! This is the place to go if you ever start to feel nostalgic and want to go back to being a kid, which is probably pretty often. Staying open all day and night is the only thing that could make this place better. We can always hope!

Price:  💸 to 💸💸

Cuisine: Cereal bowls and more!

Address: TBA

Why you need to go: If the massive sweet-filled cereal bowls aren't enough, they'll soon be implementing Saturday morning cartoons! In the meanwhile, you can enjoy tons of delicious items off their menu, like the massive Rice Krispie treats.


*This article has been updated.