San Antonio is the kind of city that feels like it has it all. Unfortunately, there is one thing it's missing, and that's an outdoor ice skating rink. Next month, San Antonio, residents and visitors are in luck, because the city is finally going to have an outdoor ice skating rink for the holidays, and it's not the fake kind. 

Rotary Ice Rink is currently being built at Travis Park and is set to open to the public on Monday, December 2. Now that the temperatures are slowly but surely dropping in the Lone Star State, it's absolutely perfect timing, if you ask me. 

The rink will have a massive Christmas tree right next to it, so you'll be able to get some cute and festive pics while you're skating around. 

General admission is just $10 per person and skate rentals are $4, so you'll spend $14 at most while you're there.

Throughout the duration that the rink is open this season, we can expect to see an appearance from Santa, food trucks, movie nights and more. This isn't your normal outdoor ice skating rink, it's a cool outdoor ice skating rink.

While this may be San Antonio's first outdoor ice skating rink, this is probably one of the few cities where it's taken this long to get one. But hey, we're still very thankful.

Ice Skating at Discovery Green is open for business and has been for a couple of days now. So if you're closer to Houston than you are San Antonio and want some outdoor ice skating action, that's your place to go.

If all goes well, we can expect to see Rotary Ice Rink at Travis Park during the winter each and every year!

Rotary Ice Rink at Travis Park

Price: General admission will be $10 and skate rentals will be an extra $4.

When: Monday, December 2 - January 2020

Address: 301 E Travis St, San Antonio, TX

Why You Need To Go: To experience San Antonio's one and only outdoor ice skating rink.