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The Bachelor's Alayah Shared The Most Relatable Throwback Of Her Time At UTSA (PHOTO)

Birds up!

It's hard to imagine our favorite reality TV stars ever having a normal life, let alone a relatable one. If you're apart of Bachelor Nation or keep up with Texas royalty, then by now you're probably familiar with former Miss Texas USA and "pot-stirrer" Alayah Benavidez. Over the weekend The Bachelor's Alayah from San Antonio shared a relatable throwback of her time at none other than the University of Texas at San Antonio. 

Alayah, like most, is finding ways to keep herself busy during this arguably boring time. The reality star has been in San Antonio for the past few weeks, social distancing at her home in the city.

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The Bachelor's Alayah Benavidez Shared Her Fun Social Distancing Plans In San Antonio

She's staying home and ordering in!

This week has felt different than any other for many reasons, one of which being that an episode of The Bachelor wasn't aired this Monday. The 24th season ended last week and since then all eyes have been on the contestants from this past season, not only to see what they're saying about Peter (yikes) but also to see how they're handling this pandemic. San Antonio native Bachelor contestant Alayah Benavidez, the former reality icon known to stir up some drama, has decided to practice social distancing in her home city.

Benavidez had some pretty interesting storylines during her time on The Bachelor. From being told she wasn't "there for the right reasons" by every other girl, to being brought back in by Peter after being eliminated by Peter.

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David Dobrik Was Spotted In Texas And He Spilled The Tea On Whataburger (PHOTOS)

The Vlog Squad were all in agreement!

David Dobrik is one of the funniest YouTube personalities out there. When a new four-minute and 20-second video is posted, we know we're gonna get some good laughs in. Since his fame first began on Vine, and then YouTube, he's since become a voice actor, reality show host, and awards show host. There's no arguing he's a jack of all trades. Now, Youtube star David Dobrik was spotted in Texas after giving a speech for their University Lectureship Series in Kingsville and Texans everywhere are losing their minds. Oh, and he's decided that Whataburger is better than In-N-Out.

Before visiting Texas A&M Kingsville, the YouTube star and some of his "Vlog Squad" made a stop at Texas's most well-known fast-food joint. His Instagram story shows him as well as the Vlog Squad trying a patty melt for possibly the first time. They all agreed it was delicious and we're right there with them. If the fans aren't enough to get Dobrik to come back again, then maybe the sandwich will be. 

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