A Massive Pokémon Festival Is Coming To San Antonio This Month With Real Poké Battles

Bulbasaur will actually be there!
A Massive Pokémon Festival Is Coming To San Antonio This Month With Real Poké Battles

We all remember being absolutely obsessed with Pokemon at some point in our lives. It didn't help when Pokemon Go first came out and all those childhood memories came rushing back. Any opportunity to pretend you're Ash or any other iconic character in the Pokemon universe is one for the books. Now, PokeFest in San Antonio is back again this year and ready to bring every single Pokemon fan a day they'll never forget.

On Saturday, July 20th from 11 AM to 7 PM you can have all-day fun at the greatest fest San Antonio has ever seen. Texans and people from all over are expected to come out and fill the entire Norris Conference Center. All ages are welcome - you're never too old to have this much fun. 

A General Admission badge is only $15 and will include a badge/lanyard combo, tickets to the live-action Pokemon battle room, access to see insane special guests, an invitation to the iconic Card Gala and Auction room, and more! You'll truly get some bang for your buck. Among the special guests will be Tara Sands, who voiced everyone's favorite Pokemon, Bulbasaur!

A Trainer Badge is $27 and a Gym Leader Badge is $47, and both come with some super special perks. No matter which route you go, you'll leave feeling nostalgic for the good 'ole days and ecstatic for next year's PokeFest. This is only the third time it's been hosted and every year they've gotten huge crowds, so grab your friends and don't miss out on the PokeFun!

PokeFest SA

Price: 💸

Address: 618 NW Loop 410, Ste 207, San Antonio, Texas 78216

Why you need to go: Whether you openly love Pokemon or are too ashamed to admit it, this a fest where all are truly welcome. Dress up or just show up, you'll have a blast reliving your favorite childhood memories!