It can be tough to find a place to rent that fits a big group of friends and has enough room for everyone. Finally, Texans can look no further because there's a ranch river resort near San Antonio that fits 37 people and has a tennis court, pool, airstrip, and much more! It's the perfect vacation spot for when things start to heat up in the Lone Star State.

Red Sands Ranch, a river resort that sleeps up to 37 people at a time, is located in Mason, Texas which is only about two hours from both San Antonio and Austin.

The ranch has seven separate cabins, or units, that come with nine bedrooms, six bathrooms, and one half-bathroom.

You can choose between Riverside Upstairs, Lorenz Upstairs, Bunkhouse, Lorenz Downstairs, Sunday Loft, Sunday House, The Sixty-Eight, Fish Camp, and Riverside Downstairs. 

When booking your stay, you're required to book a minimum of two to four nights. John Gilbert, the owner, is a premier host on Vrbo, so your stay is almost guaranteed to be awesome!

The ranch starts at a base rate of $1,695 per night and includes Fish Camp, Lorenz House, and Bunkhouse which, in total, holds up to 12 guests.

If all 12 people are staying in the three cabins or units included in the base price, that brings everyone's nightly totals to roughly $142. Not bad!

The more space needed, the pricier it gets, so we recommend checking the listing out to see exactly what you'd need to make your stay as amazing as possible.

While there, you can enjoy the 5,000-square-foot estate's many amenities.

A poolside cabana, a 140-foot four-story waterslide, a hot tub, river rapids, and fishing are some of the aquatic activities you'll get to enjoy.

The resort's lighted tennis court, 3400-foot airstrip, fitness center, full-court basketball, game room, scenic wildlife, and miles of trails are perfect for thrill-seekers.

It'll feel like you've been transported to a whole new world. 

Red Sands Ranch

Price Per Night: $1,695

Address Or Neighbourhood: Mason, TX

Why You Need To Go: You can enjoy this massive resort with a small or big group of friends for any occasion.