Salads are by far one of the most delicious meals out there, though not always our meal of choice. Certain restaurants can really tarnish the salad's reputation and make us never want to go back. There's one place though, where what goes into your salad is totally up to you. Salata is located in the great city of San Antonio just waiting for you to visit. The salads are bigger than your head, and will ultimately crush that craving for pasta you, and we, have.

Salata uses only the freshest ingredients when crafting your salad. The salad bar allows you to walk right up to your mixologist and choose your style, the ingredients, and then enjoy it! Choose a regular or small salad, or even a wrap if that's more up your alley. Then, there are 50+ ingredients to choose from and you have the ability to choose them all. 

What can arguably make a salad hit or miss is the dressing you add on top. Salata has 12 different kinds and some I haven't even heard of! Sun-Dried Tomato, Chipotle Ranch, and Ginger Lime are just some of the more unique options. Don't worry, they've got plenty of the classics as well.  

Salata has a couple of locations in San Antonio, all of which are open Monday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. You can have a salad for your meal at any time of the day! Look at you and your healthy self!

The salad bar's drinks and desserts do not disappoint either. They have lots of tea options and for those looking for actual booze, they have wine as well. When you're ready for dessert, their cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth as well as their croissants. Yum.

Bars like this you can't find just anywhere, but you should know by now that Texas does not fall short of offering the best possible restaurants. When you're looking for a real bar, don't forget to stop by the city of Austin to check out some of their craziest ones.


Price: 💸

Cuisine: Salad

Address: San Antonio, TX

Why you need to go: Salads are delicious, especially when it's picking out the fresh ingredients!