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You Can Visit This Beautiful Hidden Waterlily Garden In Central Texas For Free

You can't see waterlilies like this anywhere else in Texas.
You Can Visit This Beautiful Hidden Waterlily Garden In Central Texas For Free

When you think of the plants that grow in Texas, waterlilies are probably not the first ones that pop into your mind. The reality is that in San Angelo, Texas, there is a beautiful waterlily garden that houses plants from all over the world. The garden is absolutely stunning and free for all guests who wish to explore this cool, hidden treasure.

The collection has just a very small number of how many actual species of waterlilies there are, but it is still overflowing with them! To keep things interesting, every year new species are put on display so the chances of you seeing the same blooming plants twice are very slim.

The garden is divided into several sections, dividing the waterlilies up by categories.  The plants are grown by one man named Kenneth Landon, and according to the website, he built the enter display all by himself to include the walkways, fences, and pools. The garden sets out to preserve species that might be going extinct. The garden brings waterlilies that you won't be able to find anywhere else to the states, including one all the way from Egypt!

The garden is open 24 hours and is open free of charge to the public. The garden host events every year to celebrate the beautiful plants and to give the space more attention. This year they are having a Lilyfest on Septemeber 21st where there will be food, fun and live painters creating art before your very eyes, trying their best to capture the beautiful garden in front of them. 

The International Waterlily Garden is located at 2 South Park Street in San Angelo, Texas. For more information on the garden and to see all their upcoming events, you can visit their Facebook page here.

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