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This San Antonio Restaurant Serves Crispy French Fries Smothered In Nutella

Many things are changing around us these days, but there is one thing that will stay inalterable: our appetite. If you are a foodie with a particular love for delicious, fried street food, there's a french fry-loving restaurant in San Antonio serving a plate of crispy and hot fries loaded with tons of luscious Nutella. And yes, you can easily order take out. 

Order Up, located at 999 E. Basse Rd. in San Antonio, has a lot of unique french fries dishes, including the Caesar fries or the Spicy Fire fries. Still, the Nutella fries had become a sensation on social media. 

The unique dish consists of a regular order of freshly-made french fries (you can have sweet potato fries instead if you'd like) drizzled with a generous amount of Nutella. 

But if you want to go above and beyond, you can order the Chocolate Pig fries which are sweet potato fries with Nutella and bacon. 

The Nutella fries cost $4.50, while the Chocolate Pig fries can be yours for only $4.85. 

Now that restaurants are closing their dining areas all over the country, you can take advantage of the Order Up take-out service. That way, you can enjoy their delicious food faster and easier. 

If you have a sweet tooth, you probably can order and enjoy these sweet and salty french fries at any time, but how about enjoying a complete meal first? 

At this restaurant, you can spoil your tastebuds with burgers, drool-worthy tacos, pizzas, nachos, chips, soups, and salads. 

To drink, you have tons of options, including soft beverages, 14 different shake options, and alcoholic drinks like margaritas, beer & wine. 

Many of their dishes have vegetarian or healthy options, so go ahead and order one of those so you can have your Nutella fries guilt-free.

For some extra sweetness, make sure to check out their famous CH2 cookies here

Order Up

Price: Nutella Fries are $4.50

Cuisine: Street food

Address: 999 E. Basse Rd., #193, San Antonio, TX

Why You Need To Go: If you are stuck at home and want to chow down on something delicious, order these Nutella french fries for take-out! This restaurant also has a full menu of yummy street food waiting for you. 

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