San Antonio Is Getting A New Instagrammable Studio With An Endless Glow-In-The-Dark Ball Pit

The pop-up studio Hopscotch from Austin is coming down to San Antonio this fall.
San Antonio Is Getting A New Instagrammable Studio With An Endless Glow-In-The-Dark Ball Pit

For the past 7 weeks, a new incredible pop-up art exhibit was open in Austin for everyone to enjoy and play with multiple stunning art pieces and creations of local artists. The incredible Instagram-worthy art studio, Hopscotch Light and Sound, has just announced that they will be opening a permanent location in San Antonio this fall! If you missed out on the studio's many marvels in Austin, now you can see it in the big city next door.

The studio brought in so many interested guests and made so many fans over 7 weeks from their insane variety of unique and awe-inspiring art exhibits. They focused on art pieces that immerse their visitors in different light and sound experiences. From stunning light pieces involving hundreds of bulbs and colors to virtual reality experiences, there is so much to do at Hopscotch that will blow your mind. 

If the new Hopscotch location will feature some of the same art exhibits at the Austin location, guests can expect to see around 13 different incredible interactive art installations including the "Matrix", a room full of magical floating lights, the massive "Balloon Cloud", and of course the glowing ball pit that seems to have no end.

Based on the Austin exhibit, tickets were $23 per person, and child tickets were $15. They also had 18+ hours and reservable times for photographers and those who want some seriously cool IG pics. This is definitely the spot for those who want to up their neon photo game.

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The location of the new Hopscotch Light and Sound is yet to be announced, but they did mention that it will be "in the heart of downtown San Antonio".

You can check back with us for more details soon or follow Hopscotch's social media for more information as it comes out. You won't want to miss it when it's here!