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You Can Eat Endless Pizza At The First Ever Pizza Crawl In San Antonio This Fall

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What do all three of these meal times have in common? That they're the perfect opportunity to chow down on pizza, that's what. Now, the pizza gods (Bar Crawl Nation) have heard our cries and decided to gift us exactly what we've been asking for. An entire day dedicated to eating the best pizza in the city at the San Antonio Pizza Crawl! 

The San Antonio Pizza Crawl is coming to the city on Saturday, October 5th from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Mark your calendars for the greatest day ever, because it'll be here before we know it. Tickets for the crawl go on sale tomorrow, Friday, July 26 and with thousands of people already interested, they're going to be in high demand!  

The day will be filled with drinks and cheesy heaven from the Riverwalk's best bars, restaurants, and pizza joints. Ten venues will be participating in the crawl and the first one will be giving out free pizza to start the crawl off right. Venues are going to be announced very soon, so be sure to stay in the loop! This is Bar Crawl Nation's first pizza crawl ever, so we won't know entirely what to expect until we go! We know for a fact there will be greatness, of course. 

Ticket prices will be announced when they go on sale tomorrow, but you can save $10 when you buy them in advance! Registration for the day ends at 5 p.m., so as long as you're at the first location before then, you'll be good to go. Download the Bar Crawl Nation app ASAP to keep track of where you're headed, October 5th couldn't come soon enough.

San Antonio Pizza Crawl

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Endless pizza!

Address: TBA

Why you need to go: A pizza crawl is arguably better than any beer or Rita crawl there is. Come out and get tons of the best food ever. 


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