While people might think that each and everything is negative right now, it's actually not the case, specifically the way our water looks! The San Antonio River Walk's water is clearer than ever thanks to the lack of people visiting the tourist attraction, and there are pictures to prove it. 

A tweet from yesterday by Twitter user rdrunner_ includes two photos of the San Antonio River Walk's current state. The water is so clear right now, that you can actually see the bottom of it!

For many San Antonio natives, this will come as a complete shock. We can't remember the last time the city's River Walk had so few visitors, and was this clean and clear.

Even if you're not from the area, and have visited the tourist attraction once or twice, you probably remember not being able to see the bottom of the usually greenish river. 

Turns out, staying indoors for an extended amount of time has a positive effect on areas that wouldn't dream of being shut off to the public for this long.

"You can see the bottom of the Riverwalk," said rdrunner_ in the tweet above.

In the two images, you can clearly see what lies beneath the water which is mostly a lot of rocks.

However, we're sure the fish that call this home are absolutely thriving right now.

The tweet has already garnered over 8,000 retweets and over 50,000 favorites. 

And then there are all of the replies of people sharing their own photos, as you can see above from Bearsfan_85.

It looks like we're all pretty excited to begin seeing the silver lining in what's happening in our world today.

Normally, the River Walk is flooded with boats filled with people. 

By the time we all get back out there, who knows what it'll look like!

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