San Antonio Spurs' Patty Mills Got All The Love From Manu Ginóbili This Weekend

We miss him so much!
San Antonio Spurs' Patty Mills Got All The Love From Manu Ginóbili This Weekend

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of when legendary Spurs player Manu Ginóbili officially announced his retirement. San Antonio has seen some dark days, and this day was certainly one of them. After playing for the Spurs for 16 seasons, and the NBA for 23, Ginóbili retired as a basketball player and decided it was time to relax and enjoy life with his family. While he may no longer play for the Spurs, his friendships with the current players will surely last forever.

One of these many lifelong pals is Spurs player Patty Mills, who has become a fan favorite over the past few years. Mills kicked some serious butt on the court last night (no surprise there) and Ginóbili did not shy away from a chance to congratulate his former teammate. These two had a serious bromance on the court, so it's refreshing to see it taking place off the court as well!

Mills played for Australia last night in a game against the USA and led Australia to victory over the U.S. for the first time ever! Mills helped his home country make history and 52,000 Melbourne fans that came to see it are beyond thrilled. Not to mention his super supportive former teammate!

We can't help but get some major feels from Ginóbili and Mills. Maybe we'll see Tim Duncan and Tony Parker chime in over the next few days. But hey, one third of the "Big Three" isn't bad!

Fans of the Spurs are freaking out along with us. Some are even noticing similarities between Ginóbili and Mills' careers. Others are hoping Mills' brings the same energy he brought last night to this coming season. We can hardly wait for it to start!

Hopefully we'll get another championship out of our beloved team this coming year. San Antonio sure knows how to party, and they sure do love their Spurs, let's give them a reason to do both!