The San Antonio Zoo Is Hosting Live Yoga Sessions With All Their Animals

Become one with the animals.
San Antonio Zoo Virtually Practices Yoga With Their Animals & You Can Too

Many businesses are having to find new ways to keep people stuck at home feeling as though they're still able to experience their favorite things. For many of us, that includes animal encounters and exercise and there's now a place that offers both! The San Antonio Zoo is practicing yoga with their animals and they're letting us join in on the fun from the comfort and safety of our homes. 

Zen Zoo began at the San Antonio Zoo this past March and has already become a hit on their Facebook page.

A yoga instructor along with three willing participants practiced yoga in front of the lion exhibit for a quick exercise session, just enough time to get a good workout in while enjoying the view of the adorable bears.

This is something the zoo has never done before and is a unique way of letting their fans at home know that they're thinking of every way possible to help keep them entertained.

The yoga videos didn't stop there, not even close!

Since their first video, Zen Zoo has become a daily routine for the San Antonio Zoo, and you can watch live or watch once they've been uploaded under the zoo's videos on Facebook.

Whether you're working from home right now and don't have time in the mornings to participate in yoga and have to save it for the evenings, you're all set.

Normally the "class" of sorts will begin at 9 a.m. for those who are able to join in live. 

Each live session features the habitat of a new animal, from the giraffes to the flamingos to the monkeys! Each day holds a new surprise to which animal you will be able to do some yoga with.

It's easy to stay paw-sitive when things like Zen Zoo exist, and we're especially grateful to our local zoo for thinking of something like this.

If yoga isn't your thing, they've been uploading tons of other fun videos to their Facebook page that are worth checking out as well.

Zen Zoo

Price: Free

When: Daily

Why You Need To Try It: Practicing yoga from home while getting to experience the sights and sounds of your favorite zoo is a dream come true!

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