San Antonio Zoo Is Turning Into A Magical Holiday Lights Wonderland This Month

There's a 15-foot tall illuminated giraffe!
San Antonio Zoo's Holiday Decorations Go Up This Month For Zoo Lights

There's arguably no better time to visit the zoo than the holidays. Twinkling lights everywhere you turn and massive, adorable decor to make it feel as though the animals aren't tucked away for the night. Get ready, because starting this month you'll be able to experience the San Antonio Zoo decorated for the holidays like never before.

Zoo Lights at the San Antonio Zoo begins on Saturday, November 16 and re-opens on Friday, November 22 through Tuesday, December 31. The annual holiday event is perfect for all ages and has over 15 unique sights, games, and activities. There are plenty of opportunities to stop by and experience Zoo Lights, so get ready to mark it off your holiday bucket list very, very soon. 

Lakeside Lightshow, Starry Safari, Reindeer Row, and Cheetah Cheer are just some of the light shows and displays that you'll be able to experience during Zoo Lights. You may be able to guess where the 15-foot tall illuminated giraffe will be!

The Reindeer Ring Toss, Holiday Express, Snow Globe, and Camel Rides are a few of the games and activities available, and yes, you can actually ride camels. Some of these activities may be an additional cost from the regular admission price which luckily includes most of the displays, fun games, and things to do. 

Admission into the zoo is just $21.99 for kids and $24.99 for adults. Zoo Lights is from 12 to 9 p.m. Sunday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturdays during the entirety of the event. We recommend sticking around for the evening though because that's when the attractions are at their best and most Insta-worthy.

If you're not from the San Antonio area but are just dying to experience something like this, don't worry, the Dallas and Houston zoos have events of their own taking place during the holidays! Texans are a lucky bunch during this time of year.

Zoo Lights - San Antonio Zoo 

Price: $21.99 - $24.99

When: Saturday, November 16 & Friday, November 22 - December 31

Address: 3903 N Saint Marys St, San Antonio, TX 78212

Why You Need To Go: To experience the San Antonio Zoo at night and illuminated with the most gorgeous Christmas-themed structures. 

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