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San Antonio Has A Colorful Asian Dessert Spot With The Cutest Lightbulb Drinks

There are tons of delicious treats to try.
San Antonio Has A Colorful Asian Dessert Spot With The Cutest Lightbulb Drinks

Shaved ice is a delicacy during the summertime in Texas. There are plenty of places to go to get that cold treat you're craving after a long, hot day. Turns out, San Antonio is home to a unique treat not many cities have: the first ever Asian shaved snow shop in SA called Snopioca! Snopioca is rising in the ranks, and has more than just one delicious treat to offer.

You can dress your shaved snow up however you like. There are two sizes, regular is $5.25 and large is $7.25. If you're going the regular route, Snopioca allows you to choose from 1 of 7 flavors plus 1 base topping and 1 heavenly drizzle. A large gets you 2 toppings instead of 1, and even more shaved snow. There are also specialties such as Mango Avalanche and Cha Cha Chamoy to choose from off of their awesome menu.

Snopioca's menu also consists of the yummiest teas, sea salt drinks, slushies, smoothies, and iced teas, none of which go over $5. This month they've introcuded their Mozart light bulb cups, which are little light bulbs filled with the drink of your choice for only $7. If you bring it back to your next visit you'll get 10% off and the Earth will thank you. With the purchase they conisder you a Snopioca VIP, so you'll get early access to all their new flavors before they get on the menu!

If you're not in the mood for something cold, don't worry. Snopioca also has hot teas and coffee on their menu. The flavors aren't ones you see on regular coffee shop menus, their unique and extra tasty. Snopioca prides themselves on using the highest quality ingredients and they do not disappoint. You'll leave only wanting more!

Snopioca is located at 6423 Babcock Rd #104, San Antonio, TX 78249. For a full look at their awesome menu and hours of operation, you can visit their website here.

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