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San Antonio's Harry Potter Themed Festival Is This Weekend

Now that Halloween is over, many of you may be thinking that your chance to dress up as your favorite Harry Potter character is long over. For those of you that live in Texas, you'd be wrong, in the best way possible. A Harry Potter-themed fest in San Antonio is this week, and our muggle hearts can hardly handle yet another occasion to celebrate our favorite book and movie series. 

On Saturday, November 9 The Rock Box in San Antonio is basically transforming into Hogwarts, and whether you're a Gryffindor or Slytherin, you're very much welcome to the party. Doors are at 7 p.m. and the festivities officially kick off at 8 and go until 11. Tickets are on sale now and we recommend getting them sooner rather than later!

The tickets range from $16 to $76 depending on if you want GA, GA plus wand, the supreme package or VIP. You'll get some major perks with the supreme package or VIP, but if you're worried about spending a little extra, remember, you could win money from their epic costume contest.

Butterbeer and other Harry Potter-themed drinks will be available, plus live music and entertainment. We can hardly wait!

Fortunately, many other Texas cities are having Wizard Fest come to them this month, so if you're not in the San Antonio area you're still very much in luck. The fest is coming to Corpus Christi, Dallas, Lubbock, and Austin in addition to San Antonio starting tomorrow, Wednesday, November 6. To see the day they'll be in your Texas city, visit the official Pop-Up Party Tours Facebook page under their "events" tab. Wingardium leviosa!

Wizard Fest - San Antonio, TX

Price: $16 - $76

When: Saturday, November 9 

Address: 1223 E Houston St, San Antonio, Texas 78205

Why You Need To Go: To dress up as your favorite Harry Potter character yet again and win actual money for having the best costume!

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