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This New San Antonio Japanese Dessert Shop Serves All Things Matcha

Ice cream and green tea are the perfect matcha.
San Antonio's New Matcha Dessert Cafe Opened For Sweet Lovers

It's totally understandable why matcha-flavored dessert has been on the rise lately. A picture-perfect green color and a light, fresh taste is really all anyone can ask for in a dessert. If you're one of those people who is obsessed with anything matcha flavored, you'll definitely be excited about this new, entirely matcha-infused dessert shop. Matcha Cafe Maiko recently opened in San Antonio and pretty much everything on the menu has matcha incorporated into it somehow.

The dessert shop originated in Japan and expanded into the U.S. over the last couple of years due to its growing popularity.

Even with the expansion, all of the ingredients are imported directly from Uji, Japan to ensure authenticity and continuity amongst all stores.

That's how you know this place is the real deal!

When it comes to dessert options, everything is broken up into categories. There are floats, frappes, and what might be everyone's favorite, soft serve.

There are only three soft-serve flavors, which helps make your decision process simple.

Vanilla, vanilla and matcha swirl, and just plain ol' matcha.

Once you select your soft serve flavor, you can choose from many different toppings, and one of the toppings that really catches people's attention is gold.

Yes, edible gold.

The cafe partnered with AURUM to be able to put a piece of edible, luxury gold leaf on top of their iconic green soft serve.

This topping is for the serious sweet lovers who wish to have an elevated dessert experience.

If you were looking for something with more substance than traditional soft serve, you can check out their parfaits.

The parfaits contain matcha chiffon, chestnuts, and shiratama mochi with soft-serve swirled on top.

All of those ingredients in one cup sound like a "matcha" made in Heaven.

If you don't have a crazy sweet tooth, don't worry, this cafe also serves traditional matcha in beverage form.

Hot, iced or frozen, any form of matcha your little heart desires, they have.

Matcha Cafe Maiko

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Matcha 🍵 

Address: 7115 Blanco Rd. #112, San Antonio, TX

Why You Need To Go: Matcha Cafe Maiko is a popular Japanese dessert shop that has recently opened in San Antonio. With their specialty being matcha, they serve a variety of unique options for sweet lovers to enjoy.

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