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A Giant, Free Romanian Food Festival Is Coming To San Antonio Next Month

Texans have a hard time straying from what we know. If we could survive off of only breakfast tacos and sweet tea, we would. Trust me. That's why trying something new every once in a while is good for us, even if it's not what the heart desires. Just in time to give us what we need, Romanian Food Festival is coming to San Antonio next month and it's bringing every Romanian treat you can think of. Get ready, the options are insane!

Romanian Food Festival, sometimes referred to as Dracula Fest, is taking place on Saturday, October 12 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. This free, all-day fest is unlike anything San Antonio has ever seen. And it's actually only been in the city twice before. San Antonio has plenty of culture of its own, but that doesn't mean they don't love to welcome cultures from all over the world, Romania included!

Traditional Romanian food consists of grilled minced meat rolls, drob, sweet dough rolls, beef salad, and more. Some of which will be making an appearance and filling our bellies at the festival! Not only is entry into the fest free, but so is parking. There will also be traditional handmade crafts from Romania, live music, lots of dancing, and more. Vlad the Impaler will also be making an appearance, so we recommend being on your best behavior. 

Festivals similar to this one are not uncommon in San Antonio. We love celebrating other cultures! Especially with plane tickets being so expensive to go elsewhere. Mark your calendars for Oct. 12, this festival will be one for the books. 

Romanian Food Festival — Dracula Fest

Price: Free!

Cuisine: Romanian

Address: 340 Dartmouth St., San Antonio, Texas 78237

Why you need to go: Romanian food is not something us Texans get to devour very often. This is truly a rare opportunity, one we have to take advantage of!


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