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There's A Massive Lights Tunnel Near San Antonio & You Can Drive Through It This Fall

So this is what Santa's Ranch looks like!
There's A Massive Lights Tunnel Near San Antonio & You Can Drive Through It This Fall

Texas goes big when it comes to Christmas displays. They're happening all over the state, each one bringing something unique to the table for their city. As soon as summer started to come to a close, we began eagerly awaiting the arrival of our favorite ones. Well, San Antonio, Santa's Ranch is a unique drive-thru experience and is back again starting this fall, inviting you to see over 1.5 million custom made lights.

If this doesn't get you in the spirit for the Christmas season, I don't know what will. Santa's Ranch allows visitors to stay in their cars during their entire experience at this massive Christmas display. While most places would make you struggle to find parking, pay for just that, and then set you free into a crowded abyss of people, Santa's Ranch decided "not today." Or any year, for that matter! All you have to do is pay a one time fee per vehicle, meaning you should bring as many friends as possible to keep the cost extra cheap. 

The ranch is just $28, plus tax per vehicle. Even if there's only two of you that isn't bad! Once you get started you'll be surrounded by millions of lights, all shaped differently to give you an incredible experience. Some are undeniably made for Texans, and others almost anyone will relate to and gush over. Santa, the Spurs, and famous cartoon characters are all making an appearance this year. 

Santa's Ranch will also be providing food, drinks, and merch, for those who'd like to get out of their car and check some of this stuff out. We all need a good stretch after sitting down for a while. 

If you're putting this on your bucket list as we speak, and want more Christmas displays to visit, Texas has plenty to choose from. Dallas, Austin, Houston and many more cities in the Lone Star State have festive activities that are opening in the fall. Make sure to check them all out before the year is over!

Santa's Ranch

Price: $28 plus tax 

When: November 8 - January 4 

Address: 9561, I-35, New Braunfels, TX 78130

Why You Need To Go: You don't even have to leave your car to see some of the most gorgeous displays!

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