SeaWorld San Antonio's Virtual Tours Are Available & You Can Still Experience All The Fun

All the thrills without having to leave your home!
SeaWorld San Antonio's Virtual Rides Are Available Online

It's been difficult to come to terms with the fact that almost every amusement park is being shut down until at least the end of the month, but possibly for much longer. Now, we're facing the harsh reality of not being able to ride our favorite rides during one of the prettiest times of the year in Texas. For those who are looking for a little excitement without having to leave their homes, SeaWorld San Antonio's virtual rides are available online so that you're still able to experience all of your favorites, plus see some animals!

In the age of virtual reality, it's become easier than ever to feel like you're somewhere else, even though you're not really there.

While YouTube has yet to tap into the VR side of technology, the site is loaded with videos of rides and tours that will make you feel as though you're at your favorite amusement parks.

If you're a thrillseeker, then the Steel Eel or the brand new Texas Stringray are probably your go-tos at SeaWorld San Antonio.

For those who are at SeaWorld for the animals, there's nothing quite like visiting their penguin exhibit and seeing all of the adorable penguins waddle around. 

Keep reading to experience for yourself all of these exciting rides and exhibits below! 

The Steel Eel takes you higher than you probably ever thought possible and down a fifteen-story vertical drop! 

We're getting dizzy just thinking about it, and even dizzier watching it. In a good way, that is. 

This video takes you on SeaWorld's penguin interaction tour and about as close to the animals as we can hope to get these days. 

They're the cutest little creatures in the entire park!

The Texas Stingray opened late last month, so not many people have gotten to try it yet. 

It's the tallest, fastest, and longest wooden coaster in all of Texas.

After watching these videos it's easy to decide what you'll be in line for as soon as the parks open again.

You can also explore other POV rollercoaster rides and experiences at San Antonio's SeaWorld that are all across Youtube.