Manu Ginobili & His Son Were Spotted At The Spurs Game This Week & It's Adorable (VIDEO)

It was all caught on the Simba Cam!
Manu Ginobili And His Son Were In San Antonio At A Spurs Game This Week

When you retire from a team like the San Antonio Spurs, your fanbase and your love for the sport hardly ever leaves you. This is especially true for Manu Ginobili, a former player for the Spurs that's been spotted more than once this season cheering on his old team. During a game in San Antonio this week, Ginobili and his son were spotted on the Simba Cam giving fans the cutest 15-second show ever .

The Spurs played the New Orleans Pelicans in a home game on Sunday, October 13 and lost 123 - 114, leaving them 0-3 for the season. There to cheer the team up during and after the game was Ginobili and his adorable son, who were caught on the Simba Cam impersonating Rafiki and Simba in that classic scene. You know the one, and if you don't (tsk tsk) the video below will give you some insight.

Ginobili is a huge family man and bringing his son to basketball games to introduce him to the sport is only proving that point further. Fans love seeing one Ginobili at a Spurs game , but two!? Now I'm wishing I would've had a ticket to the game that night.

Ginobili responded to the tweet from the Spurs' official Twitter account with nothing but support for his former team. We hope to see him at many more this season, hopefully boosting morale and encouraging a win out of San Antonio's beloved players.

When he's not at a Spurs' game cheering them on from the stands, you can catch him traveling the world with his beloved family and posting the cutest photos on his Insta. Shanghai was one of the more recent trips, and we can't help but wonder where his next will be.

For now, we'll be preparing ourselves for the game tomorrow, Wednesday, October 13 against the Houston Rockets. Two Texas teams battling it out for the W makes for a great game, and we know who we'll be cheering for.